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Do you desire to be more consistent quiet time with God but struggle with time with God being easy, authentic, and timely within your lifestyle


Do you find that when you sit down with God you struggle with knowing what to say to Him? Would you value a simple and easy journaling method that would make your time with God better? 


You need the Time with God Journal: The W Method. The W Method is an easy journal method that forces you to journal how you feel to God. Additionally, the journal features a reflection and devotional page to write out more of how you feel and points of reflection from your daily devotional. 


Please note, if you use another application for your tablet or a different type of tablet, you'll have to Youtube how to upload it to that application or tablet. I currently only use GoodNotes on the iPad.


Get yours now, sis!  I cannot wait for you to get this in your hands! 

(Digital) Time with God Journal: The W Metho

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