If you want to start therapy but don't know where to start, this webinar is for you!


Here's what we will cover...

You'll leave this webinar knowing...


1. How to find a Therapist if you do or don't have insurance.

You can use your health insurance to hire a therapist, but there are options if you don't have insurance as well.


2. How to find an African American Therapist.

If you prefer to have a therapist that looks like you, I get it sis. We'll cover how you can find a therapist virtual or in-person that fits your preference.


3. How to find a Christian Therapist.

If faith is important for you to incorporate in your counseling sessions, we'll cover how to find a therapist that fits this need. Additionally, we'll cover questions to ask about this during your consultations.


4. Low cost options

Is your co-pay too high? Need to pay out of pocket? We'll discuss some low cost options and how to inquire about prices during consultation.


5. How to pick your therapist.

We'll cover the key points to look at on a therapist's profile, what questions to ask during your consultation, and how to discuss some simple goals to start with.



You'll receive the complete "Consultation Question Ebook"

This Ebook is a complete guide to all the questions you need to ask when calling to make your first appointment. It has over 10+ questions to ask during your initial consultation, plus simple goals that you can tell your therapist you want to work on at the start of therapy. You'll receive this Ebook completely FREE of charge if you purchase today.

A $47 value you'll get for FREE for taking action today.

Help Me Find a Therapist Webinar + Companion Guide