Looking to start working on an online business but need some help with Canva, Creating an email list, and having a business meeting with God. THIS BUNDLE IS FOR YOU! Over 20+ women have used this bundle and loved it!! I know you will too!


I've been using Canva for years to create content for my business. Additionally, before having a website I organically created an email using  Mainchimp. Lastly, I started having business meetings with God about two years ago after hearing about it from two online entrepreneurs who I love! I wanted to share this knowledge with you in a couple of ways...this bundle includes just that!


In the classes I'll cover:

Canva: How I use Canva to create content on Instagram, How to use Canva to create a journal cover, How I used Canva to create a my logo and Podcast cover, How to use Canva to create workbooks, and so much more. This is a 60-minute class.

Email List: How to start an email list through Mailchimp for free, how to structure and set up emails, how to create email templates, how to schedule emails to send out, how to create engaging content within emails, and so much more. This is a 90-minute class.

Business Meeting with God: This class includes a business meeting template. We will cover how to have a business meeting, what questions to ask God about your business, how to set the tone for your week, how to listen during your meeting with God, etc. This is a 80-minute class

Business Starter Bundle