Sis, I know you're juggling a million things at once, but did you know there is a way to execute them all without self-sabotage or procrastination!?

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It's time to Show Up Sis.

Show Up Sis is an 8-week group coaching program designed for ambitious women of faith. You will learn how to overcome self-sabotage and procrastination by creating routines that actually work for YOU! Each week you will learn how to implement the actions needed to become more disciplined, productive, and fulfilled.


The program begins October 4, 2021

Watch to learn more about Show Up Sis!

Show Up Sis is here to help you eliminate self-sabotage, procrastination, and that daunting feeling of being "all over the place"! Sis, this coaching program will teach you real-life tools to empower you to show up in every area of your life. Learn proven processes and routines that shift your mindset into being intentionally productive and disciplined. The results will wow you! The best part is that you get to be a part of a diverse community of supportive accountability partners!

Read this page in its entirety and Apply now!


Tierra, July 2021 cohort:

Program Details

  • 8 Weeks of LIVE teaching every week + access to replays, to watch at your leisure

  • 2 one on one calls with Roslyn throughout the program to address your specific needs 

  • 2 Show Up Sis, community calls with previous cohort members for strategy and assistance

  • Access to my personal resource library focused on time management, spiritual, and business resources

  • Exclusive Facebook accountability and support Group

Weekly rundown

Week 1: Overview of time management, introduction to what limiting beliefs and self-sabotage look like. Uncover how these beliefs impact your ability to be productive. Spot the real distraction culprits! We'll also demystify the myth of "I'm a procrastinator" or "I do my best work at the last minute."


Week 2: Expound on limiting beliefs. Dig into "what is your plate full of?" We will discuss the many hats you wear and what's hindering your ability to steward your time effectively. 


Week 3: Let's talk about your values (by far my favorite class to teach!) You'll create your value pillars, which are the key to maintenance and long-term sustainability for your self-care and mental health. (It's imperative to begin developing your routines and schedule.) 


Week 4: Values and rest! Rest is the foundation to feeling fulfilled in anything we are doing. Let's take a deep dive into rest and where it fits in our schedule.


Week 5: THE FUN STUFF! Schedule mapping. I'll talk about the habits and routines you'll need to create to have a successful day and week.


Week 6: Build her up: Develop your schedule from the previous week while working through the barriers causing you to feel all over the place. We will discuss how to add self-care practices to your plan. ( Sis, this is key to keeping the good habits flowing!)


Week 7: Keys to Success! We will continue to build your schedule as I share how to goal set. You will learn my, proven successful, strategic methods for adding desired goals such as (working out, spending more time with family, delegation, ambitious business goals, etc.)


Week 8: Piece the puzzle together! Here we will finalize your schedule and notate all the tools needed for you to maintain it over time. 


Antonette July/August 2021 Cohort 

This Program is for you if:

You feel like you can't juggle all the things on your plate. You find that you're constantly overwhelmed with your day-to-day duties.


You feel like you make a to-do list every day/week but nothing gets done. Even worse, you are so busy you're running on a mental to-do list.



You find that you have low feelings of self-worth due to being overwhelmed. Yet you know that follow through would happen if you had a strategy specifically tailored to your needs. 


You buy every planner under the sun but never use them! You are not sure how to prioritize nor what to work on first.

You feel like you need help with boundaries, delegation, self-care and rest (yes, this is a thing sis). You know that if you had them you would feel more fulfilled with what you do.



You want a community of women that are going after their ambitions just like you, who are willing to help with accountability!

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Your investment:

You'll receive payment links to secure your spot after being invited to join.


This program is valued at $7000 but now is the chance to get the

early bird special price of $1497 when you pay in full.


If you pay in full, you will receive a FREE, 1 on 1 with me and a surprise gift from me! This 1 on 1 is valued at $397, but you get to have it for free with full program payment!



The payment plan option for 2 months payments of $848.50


The payment plan option for 3 monthly payments of $565.66!

The program begins October 4, 2021!



Apply now to secure your spot! You'll hear if you're invited by later than 24 hours after applying. There are limited spots so once spots are filled, they're filled! Apply now!


This group coaching program will only be open to a limited number so ladies so apply today! Early bird sign up ends soon! 

Yes sis, you are the first to hear about this offer! That's before 1000+ email subscribers and 4500+ Instagram followers. 

The program begins October 4, 2021!

Before we begin, I'll be surveying the group to find out the best day and time to meet. Additionally, I'll add you all to the group to get to know each other.

This program is not for you if:

You are not willing to put in the work.

You are not willing to be honest with yourself about your problem areas and change them.

You do not value constructive feedback.

You are not willing to mess up and get back up!

You do not love sisterhood. (We will be vulnerable and pray for our sisters throughout this program.)